Supporting dames interested in making, playing, and changing games.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January, 18

Intro to Maya for VR (Session 2)

Friday, January, 20

Global Game Jam

Want to participate in Global Game Jam but need space to jam with your team? Join us for the weekend at our headquarters, Gamma Space!

Saturday, January, 21

January Social + Video Chuck with Charles Street Video

Our monthly social, featuring three quick talks about interesting new game projects, socializing and snacks!

Monday, January, 23

Game Dev Book Club: C# Programming

Bi-weekly C# book club, open to all experience levels.

Wednesday, January, 25

Intro to Maya for VR (Session 3)

Monday, February, 6

Game Dev Book Club: C# Programming

Session 2 of our bi-weekly C# book club, open to all experience levels.

Thursday, February, 9

Interactive Fiction and Narrative Games Writing

Interested in writing and narrative design for games? This workshop is for you! Get acquainted with the particular structures and challenges of writing for games.

Saturday, February, 11

February Social: Dames Playing Games

Our monthly social! A low-key, friendly environment to play games and meet the community. Free and open to all.

Saturday, February, 18

Feb Fatale 4: Transgression

Our 15th member game jam! Plot around the theme of transgression and make a game in two days flat.

Monday, February, 20

Game Dev Book Club: C# Programming

Session 3 of our Bi-weekly C# book club, open to all experience levels.

Wednesday, March, 1

March Social: GDC Offsite Edition!

Our monthly social! This month, we don't fear missing out… we relish it.

Monday, March, 6

Game Dev Book Club: C# Programming

Session 4 of our bi-weekly C# book club, open to all experience levels.

Wednesday, March, 8

March VR Social

Our monthly VR meetup for dames 'n' friends working on weird and wild works in VR.

Wednesday, March, 15

Introduction to Augmented Reality using Unity and Vuforia

Get started with augmented reality!

Dames Making Games is a not-for-profit videogame arts organization founded in Toronto in 2012. We run a wide range of programs and events for women, non-binary, gender nonconforming and queer folks interested in games. We are member-run, arts-focused, technology positive, and collaborative.

  • Monthly social events since March 2012, featuring more than 150 speakers.
  • Regular public workshops on game design, art direction, music production, project management, business development, software tools and programming languages.
  • Quarterly salons and round-tables led by community members on topics such as labor justice, race and racism in games, copyright law, feminist modding, and more.
  • Nine game jams with more than 200 participants—many first-time gamemakers.
  • A recurring six-week instructional series surveying a broad range of disciplines behind unique roles, with weekly lectures and instructor-led project studios
  • Three six-week-long development workshops, introducing 30 participants to gamemaking and leading them through the completion of their first solo game.
  • Jam-style mentorship programs, with over 60 participants making a complete game in just 10 days.

We also support our members interested in exhibiting or commercializing their games, providing free workspace, mentorship, marketing and business support, hiring and recruitment help, and publishing and production services.

Support DMG Toronto

Whether you become a member, volunteer your time and expertise, make a financial contribution as an individual or orgnizational sponsor, or provide services and equipment to contribute to our long-term growth and sustainability, your support has a huge impact on our success!